Apartment for Rent in Saint Joseph for College Students!

Full-Time College Student Additional Requirements:

In addition to our standard procedures, full time college students who do not have full time employment and are at least 20 years of age must meet the following conditions.

  1. One parent must co-sign and an addendum pertaining to rules violations is required. 
  2. If you are currently a dorm resident and/or have a current dorm parking sticker you must notify MWSU in writing that you will be vacating the dorm. Proof must be provided.
  3. Parents must be provided access to the apartment at all times upon request.
  4. Parents must provide cell phone contact numbers and mailing addresses.
  5. No eviction actions or felonies reported on any tenant or co-signer.
  6. We will disqualify any student with a DWI, Minor In Possession charge, or any drug related charges regardless of adjudication.
  7. Only two students per unit and under no circumstances is the student allowed to give out their key to other students or allow another student free access to their apartment.
  8. No pets allowed for full time students.
  9. If one roommate vacates then both tenants must vacate unless express permission is granted.
  10. Age requirement does not apply for full time students with children.
  11. Students must sign an agreement that limits guests to 2 people at a time due to limited parking. 

If you are a full time college student looking for a productive and quiet place to live and study hard, then we are likely a match for you. However, if you are seeking a place to drink and have gatherings as a result of living off campus or away from parents we are NOT a match for you as this will result in numerous noise complaints resulting in eviction.

Our apartments are a quiet place to live, love, and grow comfortably. We pride ourselves on being well managed and kept-up. 

We will not discriminate against students based on their gender, race, color, sexual orientation, familial status, religion, or national origin. There are no additional fees, deposits, or hidden charges for full time college students.

G.T. Woods Property Management in Saint Joseph now welcomes full-time college student applications. We have an apartment for rent in Saint Joseph for college students. 

The First Year Housing Rule appears at the bottom of their page and explains the exceptions in which certain college students can live off campus. Please visit the link above to see if you meet the MWSU criteria for an exception to live off campus before applying with us.